Check out the Hehnly Lab's Newest Paper in Molecular Biology of the Cell! And, we got the cover!!!

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Our studied title “ Chromosome misalignment is associated with PLK! activity at cenexin-positive mitotic centrosomes” is now officially published. Check it out here. This project was led by the Hehnly lab’s graduate student Erica Colicino who now is at University of Michigan doing her postdoctoral work with Puck Ohi’s lab. Erin Curtis a postbac scholar in the Hehnly lab and now a graduate student at Duke designed the cover that was selected and made major contributions to the study.


ASCB/EMBO 2018 in San Diego

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Erica Colicino, Lindsay Rathbun, and myself all presented posters this year on spindle orientation in zebrafish morphogenesis, the role of abscission in lumen formation in vivo, and chromosomes asymmetrically segregating. Also, our collaborators Carlos Castaneda and his student Julia Riley presented their work. We got lots of great feedback and got to enjoy a lot of sun. Highlights included seeing old friends from Iowa, Seattle, and Umass, and a cat cafe. Some photos below:

Erica Colicino- Newly minted Doctor

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Congrats Dr. Erica Colicino! You have been an amazing member of the Hehnly Laboratory. While I’m sad to see you move on, I’m excited for you to go out in the world and show science what you can do!

Dr. Colicino gave a great talk on Nov 8, and not only passed her Ph.D. defense but was awarded a degree with honors. I couldn’t be more proud.

Left, Heidi; Right, Dr. Colicino

Left, Heidi; Right, Dr. Colicino