Bergstralh and Hehnly Mitosis Club (3rd one!)

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The Bergstralh and Hehnly Lab Mitosis Club was super fun and held at University of Rochester yesterday. Our lab learned a bunch about cell-cell adhesions and their remodeling during division from Dan’s group. There was great stories about 3-D stem culture models, Drosophila models, and from our lab zebrafish and human tissue culture cells. We saw some beautiful STED micrographs and prelim laser ablation studies. I can’t wait for the next one! Those that attended from the Hehnly Lab were Julie, Nikhila, Heidi, Lindsay, and Jessica.

Hehnly and Bergstralh Mitosis Club! June 2019

Hehnly and Bergstralh Mitosis Club! June 2019

Congrats to Erica Colicino for her cover at Cytoskeleton

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Check out Erica’s recent publication in Cytoskeleton titled “Regulating a key mitotic regulator, polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1)”. You can find the article here. Here’s her beautiful cover below, which is a Structured Illumination Microscopy Micrograph of PLK1 (Fire Look-up Table) and kinetochores (CREST, white) during different stages of the cell cycle.


Great fun at University of Rochester

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I had a great time talking about the role of cell division in tissue morphogenesis at the Biology Department at the University of Rochester yesterday!  Not only did it bring back fond memories of my undergraduate research with Dr. Don Kane in the Biology Department but it was great to see how beautiful the campus is!  In addition, I loved seeing Dan Bergstralh and his laboratory.  Im so happy to have such a nice group of scientific neighbors.