Our 5th Bio-Art Mixer at the Everson Museum of Art

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The 5th Bio-Art Mixer hosted Suzanne Anker (SVA) and John Drake (ESF) this past Friday at the Everson Museum of Art. There was live music, beer, and even a Bio-Art work station for kids! It was a really great event and I can’t wait till our next one next semester. Included are pictures below.

Visiting Clarkson University to present on Cell Division and Membrane Trafficking

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I had a wonderful time at Clarkson University in Potsdam NY last Friday (November 30) giving a seminar on “The role of cell division and membrane trafficking in tissue morphogenesis”. I got some great pointers on zebrafish techniques from Ken Wallace’s group and got to watch Ken do cell transplants in the early embryo!

The highlight of my trip was seeing an old friend, Katie Stevens, who worked in our lab last summer. Here’s some photos below of Clarkson University’s campus, Hockey, and Katie.

Our First Bio-Art Mixer was a success!

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Thanks to everyone who could make it to our first Bio-Art Mixer at Syracuse University. It was a great time and I can't wait for the next one at the Everson Museum of Art in April! More specifics to come . But for now, enjoy some of the photos. Thank you to all our presenters also, I loved hearing from Wenyi Feng (Upstate Medical School, Department of Biochemistry), Boryana Rossa (Syracuse University), and Edward Morris (Syracuse University). I also had a ton of fun presenting!

Mitosis Microsymposium with the Bergstralh Lab!

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We had a great time traveling to Rochester (University of Rochester) where we attended a micro symposium with the Bergstralh lab.  It was great hearing about everyone's science, eating delicious donuts from Glazed and Confused, and Ramen at Butapub!

A sweet post from the Bergstralh Lab and also evidence of the delicious donuts!

A sweet post from the Bergstralh Lab and also evidence of the delicious donuts!