Hehnly Laboratory start date July 1st 2015

by Heidi Hehnly in ,

Heidi Hehnly's Laboratory will open its doors this summer on July 1st 2015 at SUNY Upstate Medical School in scenic upstate New York.  The Hehnly lab will focus primarily on the interface between membrane traffic and cytoskeletal dynamics throughout the cell cycle, and how this is important in understanding polarity formation and thus organ development and maintenance. 

Featured below is a painting that Heidi did representing the heart of her lab's research, depicting a direct relationship between membrane vesicles that are required for establishing cellular polarity and the mitotic spindle pole which is involved in cell division. 

Artistic rendition of Rab11+ endosomes (yellow) organized at, moving to and from, and contributing to centrosome (blue) function. Microtubules are depicted in blue, Golgi apparatus and secretory vesicles in green, and multivesicular bodies in red. Dr. Heidi Hehnly constructed this mixed-media painting from acrylics and water-based pastels on silk and lace, mounted on a wood board. To learn more about how endosomes contribute to mitotic spindle assembly and positioning, click on the image above.